It all started when…

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Family Sessions

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What I believe in

I offer two kind of sessions centered around documenting your family as naturally as I can. All I want for my sessions is for everyone to have fun and just be as you are normally, the rest I will take care of.

My sessions

Day in the Life Sessions

I offer a Day in the Life session (3 hours) that work around the idea of family photography in the most comfortable of places, your home.  The idea is to capture your family just as they are, in all their glory. 

It's about documenting your family as they are, in the now, not dressed in their Sunday best (although it's totally fine to dress up), just how they are. This is a stress free way of getting family photos. You won't be yelling at your kids to smile and you can just relax and be yourself. At the end of it, you will have some beautiful images to either hang on your wall, or even a beautiful photo book for the coffee table.

Portrait Sessions

I also offer a portrait session (1 hour) where we can meet at a location of your choice in beautiful light and take some authentic family portraits.

If either of these sessions are of interest be sure to fill out the form on my contact form and I will send you some detailed information.


“Have you ever looked at photos that photographers take of their mates and their family and wish you were one so your life could look that awesome too? We booked a family photo shoot and what we got back was so very very much more than just photos, it was a reminder of all that we love about life as we know it. You will absolutely not ever regret spending money on the art you’ll get back from this wonderful human.”
— Libby Coates, Mum Extrodinare