It’s an amazing journey but one I’m not sure you can ever prepare for.

Some can wait their whole life for that tiny weeny baby to placed into their arms. Finally when that time comes you’re handed this precious little bundle that’s all yours and it’s the most surreal feeling. It can be pretty scary too, coupled with the expectations of what motherhood is meant to be and that’s enough to topple any mother over her milk laden boobs.

But fear and sleep deprivation aside it’s such an incredible time. Sure it might not be quite what we all expect and for some it can be a really hard, but by god is it beautiful.

My days of newborns are over so walking into Nat and Joe’s house to meet little Archer was so special. I got to relive those memories. The smell of a new born, the chaos of house with a little person in it, the worry of a mother wanting their newborn to be comfortable and their needs met, just everything.  The absolute beauty of family going from two to three.

For as long as I live, it will never be the sleepless nights or chaos that I remember first, it will always be discovering the existence of a new type of love. The love of a mother.