Blog Circle - August Outing - Farm life

I think you can always tell a person that's experienced farm life. They have this sense of freedom about them, a love for the land and all its creatures.

We don't live on a farm but knowing the kids were going to experience farm life through friends and family played a huge part in our move to New Zealand. I remember my time on farms as a kid and honestly, it's never left me. 

This day was so cold it was unbearable. We were off to visit Shaun's cousin who lives on a farm that sits at what feels like the edge of the world. Because of the cold we set up camp in their wool shed and made a bike track around the wool bails. Sonny thought sliding down the sheep race was and I quote "the best".

Last stop before heading back home in gusty winds and -4 degrees was feeding the pigs and farm dogs.

Such a cool day, such cool memories.

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