A failure or a lesson?

Today marks our one year anniversary of arriving to live in New Zealand. I’m generally a shocka for remembering dates but this one sticks in mind because I feel proud of our achievement at starting a new life and because it was the day my 365 project was up.

I wish I could say I’m a little more jolly on this day but I’m so bloody annoyed with myself it’s not funny. I loved doing my project and although there were days I missed I never thought I'd failed. Then March came, wedding season was in full swing and I just didn’t have the energy nor time to keep it consistent. By mid March we had left for 2.5 weeks in Perth catching up with family and friends which was great but could also be described as a hurricane. And now, I’m so swamped with wedding edits I’m clicking buttons in my sleep.

So the point is, I didn’t reach my target and I’m disappointed to the point I can’t even bear to open up my file to finish editing. I know some might "oh whatever, you did most of it" (REALLY NOT FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS EITHER) but in my mind I didn’t make it. But these things happen I guess.

So I’m sharing my lesson. When you start something, creative project or not, clear the deck. If it’s really something you want to put your heart on soul into, think about what you have time for. Think about what could sway you from your focus and above all, do less to complete more. I believe the art of completing something is so important and with the speed of life these days, I think this might be dying. Or maybe it really is just me! 

I know I’m not talking to huge audience here, no one probably gives a shit, but to the ones that did follow, a sorry for leaving you hanging.  I'd like to think I'm a woman of my word so when I don't do what I say, I have to say it out loud. 

Once I clear the deck I WILL finish my edits and I WILL post them, not for anyone else, just me.

Then happy to say that The Sun Makes the Ivy Grow will not end. I will continue to document my kids and it will also be the new home for my family and lifestyle photography. So stay tuned.

Until then, I'll stop beating myself up because that won't get my anywhere.