Freedom. It's a world I use alot these days because that's how New Zealand makes me feel, free.

We take a trip to the beach and there is rarely a soul to be seen. Coming from the city I catch myself thinking "where is everyone?", then I remember where I am.

But the freedom comes in so many different forms. Freedom to live without material things which I feel is rare in a city, freedom to live a slow pace of life because your surrounded by it. Mostly, the freedom to enjoy mother nature.

Being on the beach this day really brought it all home to me. I'm so grateful for having my children to be able to experience a life like this. As I have said many of times before the move has come with some hard times, but it's been all worth it.

This blog post was done as a part of a blog circle called 'Local Outings'. A bunch of togs sharing work from the heart. Check out the blog post of Mandy Jane Dalby, a family photographer based in the United Kingdom.