Here's to living in the now!

For so long I’ve been avoiding writing a follow up to my last post

For ages I felt I had nothing positive to say. I felt like I was in a black hole and although most of the time I was ok but there were times I would secretly fall in a heap. 

Thankfully I’m happy to report I’m now feeling really positive. I went back to Perth in September for the most amazing photography workshop and after returning I felt something had shifted in my thinking. I was so thankful for that because I realised that when you’re a mum, the way you feel has such an affect on how your family feels, it truly does.

Life in New Zealand is quiet. I miss the hustle, bustle and opportunity a city provides. I miss being able to sit down at a nice coffee shop and relax. I miss going out for a kick arse meal. But instead of thinking about what I’m missing because let’s face it, IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT ME, I’m starting to think about all the great things this move has brought us as a family.

I had an euphony recently and it’s nothing new but I realised that our childhood really does leave the biggest imprint on our lives, well I think so anyway. Our parents and our environment determine a big part of who we become. So whilst I think about all the things I’m missing I’m forgetting all the wonderful things that Sonny and Ivy (and us of course) are getting to experience that will inevitably make them better people. 

Living a simple and slow paced life. Being surrounded by a great community that help one another. Experiencing farm life and being with animals. Making new friends. Exploring a new country. Having freedom. Spending time with their cousins on a regular basis. Walking 5 minutes down the road to see their grandparents. These things are gold.

This move has been tough but by god has it been great by at reflecting on life and what makes us happy.

So here’s to grabbing what’s is in front of you and appreciating it for what it is.  Here’s to living in the now.