Every family needs photography. Images that have truth and meaning, not just pretty pictures.



Family photos should be more than just everyone looking at the camera. It's about what really happens when no one is watching. 


When you look back at your images I want them to represent the real meaning of family life, not an idealized one.


the pretty stuff

Portraits are still important, so amongst the storytelling images will be some beautiful portraits.

By documenting your REAL.


For so long family photography has been about the posed portrait, everyone looking directly at the camera. While I love portraits and definitely take them, I feel like they don't always capture the reality of family life. We all know that family life can't be boxed into one beautiful posed image. Our lives are big, messy, crazy, happy, sad and beautiful. I believe all the in betweens of life are what you are going to want to look back on. The house you lived in, when tantrums were the norm, nappies were changed 10 times a day and just the general craziness of a young family.